About Envigilant

Networking technology has accelerated the Internet of Things into our daily lives.
Now, Envigilant data exchange and application sharing can allow you to
realize real value from your world of connected devices.
Exclusively from Envigilant Systems.

Envigilant Technologies

Data Acquisition and Communication

IP-enabled sensors and devices have the potential to provide valuable data. Enviglant provides the data acquisition and network communication capabilities to get those data to systems and users that can actually make use of them.

Data Exchange

Data that comes from sensors or from other data entry systems can be locked in silos, severely limiting its usefulness. Envigilant has an application-layer data exchange capability that utilizes standards to unlock the value in your data by sharing it with other applications and exchange partners.

Application Integration

The EtherGRID platform is an array of different compute and storage resources, allowing you to create a private cloud for hosting a wide array of applications. Using a combination of ruggedized, field-deployable servers to high-availability data center machines gives you the ability to extend your cloud out to all of your users.

Visualization and Analytics

The data we gather increasingly is location aware. What we lack are outstanding tools for visualizing and analyzing these data. Envigilant provides browser-based, geographic visualization tools along with analytic capabilities to unlock the value of your data.

Explore Envigilant's Broad Range of Capabilities

Envigilant Mobile

Envigilant's mobile deployment can unify location-based services with video recording and live streaming. Use the Envigilant platform to capture your vital sensor data onboard your vehicles, and enjoy the confidence that you'll have access to your data when you need it.

Content Management Systems

Envigilant Systems offers a Content Management System that enables transit providers to engage and communicate with their riders. Show vehicle arrival information, route information, emergency announcements, and advertisements on video screens either on a fixed network or on-board your vehicles to make sure your riders are fully informed.